Newborn photography, babes in arms not in baskets

Having photographed children and babies for many years, I have nothing but respect for photographers such as Anne Geddes who can manage to put together these elaborate costumes and props and not have the babies crying in every picture. That being said, I am a fan of natural photos of children and babies. Capturing them and their parents and siblings in a real way. Photography trends come and go, I would encourage people to go for authenticity. Babies don’t really look natural in suitcases or other highly stylized props, they belong in the arms of their mother and father.

This photo was taken a couple of hours after Jonathan was born to my sister and her husband. She was a real champ and was able to give birth at home so I was able to capture Jonathan and his parents in such a peaceful and authentic moment. No posing here, no ribbons or gimmicks, just a beautiful baby boy being welcomed with love into his family.