How to have fun while taking family photos

Let’s be honest: Family photos are not everyone’s favourite things. They know they want them, they know they will love having them, yet they still sometimes put them off. Perhaps there’s a certain stigma that comes from the cheesy family photos of the 80s and 90s, but there’s no reason why you can’t have unique photos that reflect your family without the extra cheese. The key is to not overthink things and just have fun. Don’t have too many ideas beforehand, just come willing to laugh and I promise you’ll love the results.

This was my first time photographing this family and I had a blast with them because these kids have big personalities and are very close with their parents. They teased each other and naturally just had fun together, which reflects in the family photographs. Since the kids were a bit older we were able to do some fun ‘band’ inspired family pictures, which the kids were completely on board for.

Meet Jason and his wife Stacy and their kids Micah, Olivia, and Keira. At the end you may notice the familiar face of two-year-old Charlotte. We all met up to do one large extended family session with Art and Betty and their sons Steve, Jason, and Jordan along with their families. These are just a sampling from Jason’s session, but I couldn’t resist including some of the proud grandparents and all the cousins hanging out together.

See more from the session featuring Charlotte and her parents Jordan and Lauren.

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