Why taking your kids to the park for a family session is the best idea

I spent hours at the playground as a child. My friends and siblings and I would go on our own and spend entire afternoons entertaining ourselves. Come home when the streetlights come on our parents would say.

In fact, one of my favourite memories while growing up is the day my mom announced that we would be spending the entire day driving around to all the parks we wanted. She packed a lunch and off we went, requesting all the parks we had ever drove by and we even visited our school playground and had all the time we wanted on the monkey bars without our classmates pushing behind us.

I really love choosing a park as a location for a family session, especially when the children are very young. Allowing children the creative freedom to play and laugh gives me the best opportunities for capturing them as their parents see them. You don’t need props, you just need a slide and a set of monkey bars.

Pam and Mike chose this park in Chestermere for their family photography session and as you can tell, the kids had a wonderful time exploring the playground and laughing with their parents. I know in the years to come when they look at these images they will hear the laughter of their children.