Capturing an active family in Fish Creek Park

I had the pleasure of meeting up with Leslie and Celia to photograph their two active little boys. These boys were so enthusiastic and sweet. They loved being out in Fish Creek Park exploring and discovering sitting in the “nests” in the tall grass. I love capturing children “on the move” as they explore and sometimes even run in the other direction.

My favorite picture is the one of the two boys embracing on the ground with their parents in the background. I love it because they were naturally standing like that, arms around each other and watching their boys. I never have to ask parents to look at their children and pretend to have great affection for them – it’s always there if you can capture it. Those are the photos that these kids will look back on someday and think, “wow, my mom loved me so much” or “my dad loved to see me laugh”. It’s a privilege to capture those memories.